What is the girl gang? According to Urban Dictionary, the definition is:  

girl gang:

those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down 

As a brand, I started making fun accessories for myself and friends, now I strive to make clothing and accessories that make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin while providing a fun-loving message about who they are as people. I wanted to build an inclusive community founded on confidence, comfort, beleivein in yourself. Knowing that it is possible to do whatever your heart desires, whenever you w

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I started making scrunchies in the spring of 2019 in my mom's sewing room. From there I began to sell them to friends and family on Instagram and never dreamed that I would be where I am today. My favourite part about this "job" is the endless creativity I get to express through all of my products and the endless support that I receive from my family and friends! Any of my friends know I run all my new ideas through them. They receive many of my products before they hit the shop and are convinced to help either with product prep, long trips to the fabric store, or as used as my models! I couldn't do it without my own girl gang! 


I’m Maddy, the gal behind this little shop! I am currently a primary years education students through the University of Saskatchewan who loves being creative. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved DIY projects, sewing, and being crafty. So, In the spring of 2019, I decided to take my craft one step further and start selling scrunchies on Instagram to friends and family and I could have never imagined I would be where I am today! Now, I ship packages all across Canada and have expanded my products immensely, thanks to purchases like yours! I am so fortunate that I get to call this “work”. I love everything about this little shop of mine. From picking out fabric, curating new and original patterns and clothing designs, or creating new graphics for my website, there is creativity in every step. But, I couldn’t do it without people like you, so thanks for stopping by the see what I’m all about!

Lots of love,


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When I started this little shop 3 years ago, I never realized how quickly things would grow! With a lot of hard work and determination, anything is possible. Being a one-woman show things can get hectic, quickly! Please keep in mind when ordering that all items are hand made to order, which adds a bit of time but makes the experience of ordering from a handmade shop very different than ordering from Amazon! But, we promise that the unique charm, love, and experience will be worth the wait! 

Regular orders 5-12 business days 

Holiday orders 10-25 business days 

Custom clothing 7-15 business days

Shipping: Due to the covid-19 pandemic, shipping times have been very sporadic and vary by city. please understand that when an order leaves our shop we have no control over how long that item will take to arrive. Normally 3-7 business days in Canada and up to 15 business days for Continental USA orders. To speed up the shipping process, upgrade to tracked shipping.