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Wanna join the girl gang?

Applying to be a brand rep is easy! 

1. Must have over 1,500 followers on Instagram

2. Must have made a purchase from Mad Design Co. in the past year or have a purchase on the way

3. Email an image and a little description of yourself and what you are all about! email is



What comes after you've submitted your application?

 I look for new brand reps every 4-6 months, if you don't hear from me right away don't fret! Once I've received your email I will send a questionnaire for you to fill out, You will then be contacted if you've successfully been selected as our next brand rep.

What do brand reps do?

As a brand rep, you will receive a small welcome package from me! Brand reps will also be given a discount code to share with friends and family at their own discretion and will be required to make at least 2 Instagram story every 4 weeks.  Also, Brand Reps located in or around Lloydminster will be given the opportunity to model at product shoots! 


Meet our brand reps 


Meet ,

Looking to apply? email us right away !